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Hider 2: Tips on How to Hide Files on Mac

When you want to know how to hide files on a Mac, there are a few different programs and processes you can use with varying levels of involvement and time required from the user. All of the following methods are effective and will keep your information secure:

  1. FileVault. You can go through your system preferences and turn on this application. It will encrypt the entire hard drive so that the only way to access your files is with your password.
  2. Library Hide. On most Macs the Library is hidden, so you can use this as a location for keeping secret files.
  3. New User Account. You can keep the files that you want to stay hidden in another password-protected account.
  4. Avoid the Obvious. Rather than name the files something like “secret” you can name them something more generic in plain sight.
  5. Use Hider 2. Hider 2 is the most effective application you could have to password protect folders on Mac.

You can easily learn the different methods for how to add a password to a folder or hide files so they are not easily accessed, but using Hider 2 is the only way to do all of this without actually taking the time to apply the changes to each file manually.

Get a Password Protect Folder with Ease

Hinder 2 is the program that you use on your Mac when you want to ensure that your private data and information will never become public. This is done in three ways:

  • Encryption – The data that has been encrypted is safe data on your machine. Each and every file that is used with the Hider 2 application becomes automatically AES-256 encrypted.
  • External Drive Options – Once you have the data that you would like to encrypt and you send it through Hider 2, you can then remove the data to an external hard drive and it will remain protected. 
  • Password Protect Folder – All of your data will be locked and protected by a password that will be put in place by the application. No one will be able to access your files without your specific password.

One of the best things about using this password protection software is that it is completely organized. Hider 2 takes the data and the files you would like to keep safe and will make sure that accessing the information could not be more straightforward and direct.

Using Hider 2 and all of the possible features for your specific purposes means being able to get the most comprehensive protection for the data and files on your Mac.

The Benefits of Using Password Protection Software

Rather than asking yourself, “How do I password protect a folder?” you can get Hider 2 to do it for you. Using this application will save you time and give you access to even more protective features that will guarantee your private information stays that way. These added features are the biggest benefit to using Hider 2 as you would not be able to carry out the same processes manually.

There are shortcuts to the application that allow users to hide files in seconds. This is something that can even be done directly from the Finder window. It is also possible to hide entire folders, so you do not have to sort through countless individual files in order to encrypt a folder that is largely private information.

It is also possible to reach files quickly when you need them. Hider 2 is an app that was designed with how it would actually be used in mind. This means that the entire design of how the app works is for user convenience and speed. This is one of the reasons that the program also offers the option to secure your notes, where you probably write down quick and important notes that need protecting.

The benefits of using a program to hide your files and encrypt them are clear and really cannot be compared to the lengthy and less effective methods of doing it manually.&;