Pick up the optimal cleaning software

Full-range cleaning from best Mac cleaning software

When you decide to clean up Mac due to its low performance, you surely need a profound and complex procedure. You are determined to check every inch of the system, not just a part of it because you have no idea what is the reason of such a slow work. So, you need to check every section of the system and clean up all the trash it stores.

If you decide to clean your Mac manually, this process may take you several hours, and still you won’t be assured of cleaning the whole junk. There are such a lot of hidden files created by the system that you cannot find, and you definitely don’t need. Without special tools that detect and analyze potentially useless files, it is impossible to clean up all digital garbage your system permanently accumulates.

Best soft to clean my Mac

Without any doubt, your device deserves the best app cleaner Mac system can have. We tried to do our best to impress you with the number of features our cleaner offers. CleanMyMac 3 is a smart tool that can either be controlled by the user or work autonomously.  Both of the variants presuppose profound analysis and cleaning of your Mac.

The tool scans system files, your mail, iTunes, photo gallery, garbage bins, etc. It detects old and heavy folders recommending you to get rid of them. As it is a smart cleaner, it is aware of the files that under no condition can be removed from your Mac because it may cause system damage. The tool automatically deletes real trash that you definitely don’t need. Concerning some disputable files, it always asks your permission prior to deleting them.

How to clean Mac hard drive?

If your Mac is cluttered with informational trash, the overall performance of your device terribly suffers. Here are some tips for you to follow when cleaning your computer manually:

  • Be sure to empty trash icon in the Dock;
  • Check your iPhoto or Aperture for duplicates;
  • If you use iMovie, empty its trash bin;
  • Empty your mail trash bin and remove old letters with heavy attachments that waste space on your Mac;
  • Check your folders with documents and delete old useless files as well as those of "Read Me" type;
  • Look through your Applications folder and remove the apps you haven't used in a long time and are not ging to use in the future. If the application doesn't have an uninstaller, drag it into the Trash. If it has an uninstaller, then use it to delete the app;
  • Don’t delete files from the system folder!

Manual cleaning usually sounds like a good idea until you start doing it yourself. Instead of spending several hours on the procedure, it’s better to use special tools like Mac hard drive cleaner and do it in one click. Your time is too precious to waste it on such boring activities.

Smart and safe Mac cleaner

Safety has always been our number one priority. For more than six years, we have been working on our secure cleanup algorithm. We are proud of having a Safety Database that was created by our best experts. This database is consists of a set of rules and exceptions that our tool considers when checking your system. Thanks to it you can be sure that our cleaner will never remove any file critical for a correct system operation.

It not only knows how to clean up your Mac correctly, but it also has an uninstall tool that removes software with all extra files and folders that were created by the program in the process of work. Moreover, the cleaner works autonomously checking the status of the system and preventing all hazards. Let a true professional take care of your Mac.